Jevgenijs Markevics Founder filmmaker 
I started my path to creativity in 2005 after I was excepted into Riga School of Design and Art I then immigrated to Canada in 2009. This has been a long journey to achieve my dream to film and produce video as well as organize and implement the process of film-making here in the Peace Country region.
Having passion, experience and knowledge about story telling is key to success.

Marks Markevics Assistant Director filmmaker



 Marks Markevics is a Latvian filmmaker, music producer. He was born on January 7th,1991, in Riga, Latvia. Marks graduated Music College as a singer in 2011, shortly after that he immigrated to Canada. Since the very childhood he had natural talent and passion for a film production. Marks Markevics started his filmmaking career with Gray Cardinal in 2016, since then he has shown remarkable success in filming business commercials, weddings, music and promotional videos, representing a new way of unique interpretation in the art of the videography. His work has been recognized in Canada, United States and Europe.     

 Mike The Radio Voice


Michael Bryan Ferrier brings a voice that is wonderful for many different types of voice projects. His voice is warm and robust and leaves listeners’ ears captive to the projects he is involved in. Michael has been involved in the voice over industry for the past 7 years and is also full time Radio Personality. He has a fresh cinematic sound and loves to create projects with passion and integrity. Michael has worked with Gray Cardinal since 2016

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